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Letter From The SIGA

New World Handicap System; Important Changes

Hello to all of the returning Members of the various Men’s Clubs and welcome to the 2020 golf season. Unfortunately, we are off to a terrible start because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. However, we want to be sure that everyone is aware that there is a new Handicap System that took place this year.

As most of you already know, your Handicap Chairman posts all scores that are played with your club and all SIGA Tournament rounds. It is your responsibility to post your other scores as you play outside of club rounds. With that being said, everyone should download the MyMga app on their smart phones or use To access all you need is your last name and Ghin number. For those who do not know their Ghin number, you can get it from your club Handicap Chairman. The MGA app allows you to check what your handicap is, configured from whatever course and tees you play instantaneously, post your score aNer your round as well as many other features.

Under the new system, when posOng adjusted scores, the new formula is NET DOUBLE BOGEY ON ANY HOLE FOR ALL PLAYERS. Here is an example of what adjustments you should make before posOng your scores...

Let’s say if you’re a 10 handicap from a specific set of tees, then the highest score you can post on the 10 “hardest handicap holes” is triple bogey. As for the other 8 holes the highest score you can post is double bogey, it is that simple.

Anyone who needs assistance posOng scores or informaOon regarding Handicapping, please contact your club Handicap Chairman.

Morning Game @ LaToureEe (for posIng scores), use Slope 119, RaIng 70.3