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Money Man $teve Mattei cashes again right out of the gate!

Another week went by for the SIGA without official golf, but 2 clubs have started to gain some momentum. The Esquire Club had 44 tee times booked for Royce Brook, which was of course rained out by torrential downpours. The South Shore club had 28 players head to Pebble Creek on Sunday. After the round, some players started to feel sick to their stomachs as Steve Mattei shot an 82 to net 66. In the process, he helped his team win the front, half the back, and overall. Captain Mike Marotta (75), Derek Diesso, and Freddy Lange were happy though. Paul Ulanich (75), Woodsie Iacobellis, Larry Diesso, and Tom O’Leary managed to squeak a tie on the back. Matthew Porter fired the best round of the day (70). Louis Cantelmo continues is fine play shooting 72. Ken Margolin netted 70.

South Shore also had a Memorial Day Game at Cream Ridge, but nothing official came out. Derek and PJ Mulroy continue to put out a good product for their members. The Squires will once again head to Royce Brook, but now they have 54 spots filled. Huge game and with all the Silver Lake members playing, this is called a mini SIGA Day. The LaTourette Club is starting to get itchy and they scheduled an away round for next week at Sun Eagles.

As usual, Thank You to Our First Responders and to all that are doing a great job during these trying times. Stay Safe, Stay Clean, Blow Kiss Blow KISS!

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