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Corona without the Lime – Golfers are Itching to get out there for a Taste!

Just a few weeks ago, we were getting ready to what looked like a promising season ahead. The Lake and their Veranda was filled with Buckets. The Esquires were forging ahead with “old” young blood playing again as new leadership was going on. South Shore was getting their website updated and corresponding with each other via weekly emails. The LaTourette Club was looking forward to some new members joining them on Sundays, to pump up their weekly game. RCCC was opening their greens getting ready for their season as well. Then the word of a virus was lurking and us golfers fought tooth and nail to believe it. We still played, as we tried to keep distance from each other. It’s tough not to high five someone after knocking in a 20 footer for birdie on hole 9 at the lake. Unless it was Rodney. In that case they just walk to the next tee. The Italian Kiss after 18. All of it. Then it was all shut down. SIGA President Dan Pizzuto had no choice but to suspend the season. No more golf until further notice. Yes, there are some courses that will remain open somewhere, and yes us crazy golfers will be itching to get there, but is it the safest option? Take a few weeks off. Stay away from the game and keep yourselves and your family safe from this contagious situation. It will be worth it. Some players, including myself, have ordered Nets, Putting Greens, Video games, anything to quench our thirst for the game we love. The weather still hasn’t been great yet. Johnny Garland would still have his cart cover on. The bald guys like Chin, Delin, and Marino would still be wearing their skull caps. Guys like 280 are still in their Florida homes. This time will pass. The main goal is to remain healthy and support those around you. Club Golf is the least of it. Many SIGA members are in the front lines like Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, FDNY, NYPD, etc… that are doing a phenomenal job. God Bless You All, and the rest of us waiting in the clubhouse for the next tee time. 

Be Safe and We expect everyone to be putting lights out when we get back into it.  

Love and Miss You ALL!

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